I’m guilty… I lost my keys… so here is a list of my current PGP Keys:

  • KurzGedanke@pm.me E7E7B4EA
    • C593 DD46 1D18 1A37 E0A4  5715 F328 3F0B E7E7 B4EA
  • thore.jahn@pm.me 8D0AE8A8
    • 868E 62A0 99AF 54BF 1FD3  C61B 09F5 F16E 8D0A E8A8
  • thore.d.jahn@studmail.w-hs.de 92ED93ED
    • 0369 B97F A3B1 8BCD FB25  8466 411B BDF7 92ED 93ED

Click on the Key ID to download the key directly.

If you don’t trust this blog (don’t trust this blog) please look up the keys at your trustworthy keyserver.