Welcome to Things Note in Bear Advanced! The idea originated from Craig eley (@craigeley) | Twitter. Thanks for the initial offer! Since I’m working a lot with tags in Bear and deadlines in Things, I decided to upgrade the workflow.

Screenshot of the workflow app, which shows the Things Notes In Bear Advanced workflow.


For Things to recognize the tags, you first have to create them in Things. This is great, since you can then choose different tags for Bear and Things. E.g. programming for Things and programming/python/pip for Bear.

Otherwise everything else works as expected, you enter your note, it creates a Bear note and a corespondent Things note with the date you set.

You can download the workflow here: Download (Takes you to workflow.is)

Hope you like the script workflow!

Credit goes to @craigeley | Twitter and 👾@KurzGedanke | Twitter


Download the .pdf version of this post: Download

Or the .epub version: Download